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Is it time for your Subaru car or SUV to have its brakes serviced? Let the expert technicians at the Grand Subaru auto service center near Chicago provide the stopping power you need. Get more details on brake service and parts below, and then contact the service team at our Subaru dealership to schedule a brake maintenance appointment. Reserve your date and time through our service scheduling form, or give us a call to set up an appointment at (866) 455-7549.

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How do I know if my brakes need maintenance?

You'll often know that brakes need maintenance before the dashboard light comes on. Key signs that indicate that the brakes on your Subaru car or SUV needs service are as follows:

  • You hear grinding or squeaking when you use the brakes
  • The brake pedal feels 'soft' or is seems slow to respond
  • You notice a difference in stopping distance
  • Your car pulls to the left or right when braking
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Which brake services are available at Grand Subaru?

The auto service team at Grand Subaru near Chicago is able to provide every brake service your car or SUV might need, including:

  • Brake inspection
  • Brake fluid replacement and testing
  • Brake pad and rotor replacement
  • Master cylinder inspection

Schedule your brake service appointment online and take the hassle out of maintaining the stopping power that your daily drive demands.

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Does Grand Subaru offer brake services or parts specials?

Yes, but keep in mind that our auto service and brake parts specials are updated every month. It's a good idea to check every month to see what the latest coupons and specials we have for brakes and auto service.

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Can I order brake parts & components from Grand Subaru?

Absolutely! If you prefer to replace brake components yourself, the auto parts center at Grand Subaru near Chicago can provide the new rotors, pads, and calipers that you need. You can place an order online, or contact our auto parts center by phone at (888) 781-9086, and keep your Subaru car or SUV stopping the way you need it to.

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